Chapter Policies

The SAHRMA Board of Directors endorses the following policies and guidelines:

SAHRMA Constitution & Bylaws

SAHRMA Code of Ethics

SHRM Bylaws 

SAHRMA Privacy Policy:

SAHRMA collects and maintains membership information as part of servicing our membership. We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about SAHRMA members to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the chapter Board, Chair, and Committee members with a business reason to know this information for purposes of providing member services to our members.  SAHRMA complies with the CAN-SPAM Act.

SAHRMA Promotion Policy:

SAHRMA is often approached by organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, with requests to promote their events to SAHRMA members. The following establishes the criteria by which the Executive Committee or full board should consider and approve such requests. Click here to read more.

SAHRMA Marketing and Networking Guidelines:

1: Building Business Relationships: Building relationships at SAHRMA is done by attending functions, working on committees, and lending expertise and energy to projects and programs sponsored by the Association.  

2: Membership Directory: Contact information in the Directory may be obtained from someone met at an event, or to communicate with a member to ask for information or assistance. Learning from each other, both formally and informally, is one of the benefits of belonging to an organization. The Directory may not be used to market products and services or to solicit business or resumes by mail, fax, email or other electronic forms of communication. Click here to read more.

SAHRMA Payment Policy:

SAHRMA has a payment policy that requires payment in advance of monthly General Meetings and other events. Payment must be received no later than noon on Thursday, the week before the General Meeting.  Refunds are not allowed after this time, as well.

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