Marketing and Networking Guidelines:

Building Business Relationships:

Building relationships at SAHRMA is done by attending functions, working on committees, and lending expertise and energy to projects and programs sponsored by the Association.

Membership Directory:

Contact information in the Directory may be obtained from someone met at an event, or to communicate with a member to ask for information or assistance. Learning from each other, both formally and informally, is one of the benefits of belonging to an organization. The Directory may not be used to market products and services or to solicit business or resumes by mail, fax, email or other electronic forms of communication.

Business Cards:

As with any business-related event, it is appropriate to inquire about the type of business or work someone does. If the other person makes the same inquiry, it is proper to share information and to exchange business cards. It is not appropriate to distribute cards in an unsolicited manner to everyone at your table or everyone with whom you come in contact.

Passing Out Literature:

Opportunities as an approved sponsor or vendor are available for a fee, and provides the avenue to speak and distribute the business material. Additionally, a paid advertisement in the newsletter is available, and an individual may ask for a complimentary listing in the newsletter about an upcoming event, Subject to approval.  

Follow-up Contacts:  

If a SAHRMA member or meeting guest indicates they want a follow-up contact --- then do so; otherwise, the following applies:

  • Unsolicited e-mail is inappropriate.
  • A letter in the mail offering future services or a company newsletter is acceptable if specifically requested. Otherwise, if the individual did not specifically say they were interested, assume they were not.
  • An invitation to an educational event by email, mail or fax is acceptable.
  • Holiday Cards: Sending seasonal cards with the company name on it to members listed in the Directory is acceptable as long as solicitation is not a part of the card --- directly or indirectly.
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