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A Message from Our President

Giving Thanks in November

November is a very important month for us.  While many take a day to give thanks, or “Thanksgiving” as most call it on November 26th,  there are other dates to also reflect upon.

Did you know November may very well be a month full of positivity.  Let’s look at some of them:

November 1—Daylight savings time.  Who wouldn’t want an extra hour of sleep?

November 11Veterans’ Day.  Let’s remember how all these special people have sacrificed in our behalf.  We can all agree without these brave people, would our way of life be as positive?

November 13World Kindness Day.  This underutilized day was founded in 1998 and meant to reflect and practice one of the most important and unifying human principles with however large or small acts of kindness.  Let’s see if we can promote this event in the workplace.  Why not start a trend and find ways to celebrate this day within our workforce?  (Be creative—have a contest, announce these acts even if done anonymously, or tally all these acts of kindness done during one day in our office, etc…)

November 16—International Day for Tolerance.    This day was declared in 1995 by the United Nations.  Let’s use this day to reflect on what we can learn about someone else’s culture in the workplace.  The purpose would be to celebrate open-mindedness and listening. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention November 3, 2020—Election Day.  We can use this day to practice positivity regardless, being thankful we have a voice. 

If there is ever a time to reflect and give thanks this year, now is that time.  We can look back and discover how many have lost their jobs, experienced COVID-19 on some level or have gone through other hardships, yet can see positive things many others have done in our community to help offset such a trying year. 

SAHRMA has been very thankful for your continued support as an association.  Our members have answered the call to become mentors to others, assisting with mock interviews, promoting HR programs SAHRMA has put together in your behalf, providing donations such as school supply drives, “treats for soldiers”, etc… whenever the call has gone out.  We value your membership and support. 

Virginia Balfour

SAHRMA President, 2020


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