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A Message from Our President

Coronavirus and HR Updates

We have seen some extraordinary changes in a short period of time as it relates to COVID-19 and how it impacts our profession in Human Resources.  SAHRMA is committed to keeping you informed without burdening you with many Eblasts because of these changes. 

For commonly asked questions on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) recently passed, visit  https://www.hrserviceinc.com/families-first-coronavirus-response-act/

Answers to questions such as:

When do these laws go into effect and for how long?

Who is covered by this new Act?

How are employers to notify employees of this new Act?

How does this relate to sick leave/ no childcare / furloughs?

How does this impact those with FMLA?

What happens to the health insurance benefits for those who have reduced hours or are terminated?

When it comes to healthcare benefits, some carriers are lowering the hourly requirement (less than 30 hours/week) to accommodate the decreasing hours employees may be subject to work as a result of the coronavirus.  To find out if your insurance carrier is making exceptions, or if you want to know more about how your specific healthcare benefit will impact you due to this pandemic, please visit your healthcare carrier site, such as Humana, Guardian, etc…

There are numerous websites you can look into regarding this subject matter. Many webinars are being held to keep us updated such as the series presented by Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak, & Stewart.   

Regarding EEOC, Rodney Klein has reached out to assist if you need guidance in behalf of your company or with employee relations in this matter:

Rodney Klein

Outreach and Education Coordinator

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Office: 210-640-7560

Cell: 210-693-9618


As always, SHRM has the tools and resources specifically designed around the coronavirus:


We encourage all to be safe, and adhere to the ordinances set by city, state, and federal entities.

Virginia Balfour

SAHRMA President, 2020


Message from Community Relations Chair – Sheema Harris

Please Donate! Join SAHRMA and support the SA Food Bank Fundraiser. Let’s show our community partnership. Click here to donate! https://www.facebook.com/safoodbank/

Just $5 can fill an entire box with food and necessary cleaning supplies for a family. Let’s pull together as a SHRM Chapter and become HeRoes and help Fight this Coronavirus in Our Community.

SAHRMA is asking for our members to donate just $5 to provide our neighbors a box of very much needed food and cleaning supplies. If ALL our 600 members (excluding student members) donated just $5 that would be $3,000 or 3,000,000 Pounds of Food! Just think we would be helping 600 families for one week during this challenging time.

Remember… #SAHRMACares #SAHeRoes #HungerFighters #CommunityRelations

Thank you for your generosity and giving heart!


Week in and week out, the San Antonio Food Bank is helping those in their season of need across 16 counties of southwest Texas. The arrival of the coronavirus has brought a new season of need for many, and the Food Bank is ramping up additional service to meet that additional need.

Care for seniors, perhaps the most vulnerable population during this outbreak

Care for children out of school

Care for college/university students out of school

Care for working individuals who are facing a loss of work hours due to business cut-backs

Care for individuals visiting a food pantry/distribution

Our goal over the next 30 days is to add 15 million pounds of food to our distribution network.

This is equivalent to $1.5 million dollars. Only with your support can we achieve this goal.

$1 = 10 Pounds

$10 = 100 Pounds

$100 =   1000 Pounds

As we start to transform funds into food for our community, we will need even more volunteers to prepare the extra volume of food for those in need. Please visit https://safoodbank.org/cvprep/  and click the button above to Volunteer.

A Word from CEO & President Eric S. Cooper of the San Antonio Food Bank:

“Our low-income families, particularly our seniors on fixed incomes, don’t have the luxury of stocking up in case of a virus outbreak, and they certainly don’t have the ability to weather a two-week quarantine or leave without pay if their place of employment sees a slow down in business.”

Together we can Fight Hunger and feed hope in Southwest Texas!

Sheema Harris
Community Relations Chair
San Antonio Human Resource Management Association (SAHRMA)
Tel: (210) 386-5941




When donating to the SHRM Foundation,

be sure to list SAHRMA (Chapter #0137)

as your local chapter.




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