SAHRMA Code of Ethics

The success of the San Antonio Human Resource Management Association depends on the judgment and uncompromising integrity of every member. Members must maintain the highest standards of conduct in daily activities related to the Association. The intent of this policy is to ensure that members conduct business with honesty and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, non-profit association standards, and the SAHRMA by-laws.

PURPOSE : This understanding intends to clarify obligations of members with regards to ethical behavior, conflict-of-interest, and confidentiality during membership tenure. By this Code of Ethics the Association intends to accomplish the following:

  • Raise Ethical Expectations;
  •  Open a Dialogue about Ethical Issues;
  •  Encourage Ethical Decision-Making; and
  • Prevent Misconduct

CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST: Each member has an obligation and duty of undivided loyalty to the Association. A member who is confronted with a choice between the good of the Association and his/her personal economic gain or duty to others, must act in the best interests of the Association. Members will maintain the highest moral principles in the conduct of Association-related duties and services.

CONFIDENTIALITY : Confidential means all information relating to the past, current, or planned business affairs, activities, or services of the Association that has not been released publicly by an authorized representative of the Association. Such information may be in any form, including verbal, written, printed, or electronic. Disclosure, sharing, or use of such information must be limited to the official business activities of the Association, and genuinely be in the best interests of it.

The revelation or use of any data about operations, decisions, plans, partnerships, or other confidential information, which might be contrary to the best interest of the Association, is prohibited. The misuse, unauthorized access to, copying, sharing, or mishandling of proprietary information is strictly prohibited and will subject the member to one or more forms of discipline, up to and including expulsion and/or legal recourse; particularly if its use is detrimental to or disruptive to the Association or its image.

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