Community Relations Director

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson serves as Director of International Markets & Business Development for SWBC Consulting Group. Ken was born in San Antonio, TX and lived in Honduras for over 15 years. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor's degree in finance. Kenneth has the ability to analyze situations to understand each client's unique needs and to advise on the best solutions. His knowledge of loss mitigation and being able to educate clients on risk prevention & employee benefits has helped him build a notable track record in helping companies implement growth strategies and create new capabilities. He is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients and providing them with an exceptional experience.

His expertise lies in Risk Management & Employee Benefits, where he has honed his skills in identifying potential risks, implementing proactive measures, and developing effective strategies to mitigate uncertainties in the corporate landscape. Through his insightful approach to risk management, Kenneth as an advisor provides confidence by protecting businesses and their employees, ensuring their growth and sustainable prosperity.

With a deep understanding of the Texas business environment and a keen eye for opportunity, Kenneth continues to make significant contributions to the business community while leaving a lasting impact on the companies he advises.

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