Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with helping to build and sustain the association by inviting prospective members to join SAHRMA, encouraging members to stay engaged, and helping to coordinating ways for members to serve as volunteers.

Committee Members

Sheila Price Membership Director

Maureen Molina - Volunteer Coordinator

Virginia Balfour

Tony Bruns

Josefina Martinez

Dawn Cunningham

Candice Trevino

Thomas Mendez

Kim Munoz

Karen Santos

Magdelana Veliz

Shiree Page

Christopher McQuade

Irena Stojan

Mark Campbell

Janivee Barron

Drake Bigley

Trey Box

Cash Cary

Danielle Ker

Michelle Maul

Samantha Vargas 

Ericka Wallace

Membership Committee Meetings

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk - January 26 @ 8 AM

Coffee Talk - March 30 @ 8 am

Coffee Talk - November 24th 8 am

SAHRMA Presents: Coffee Talk "Unconscious Bias" October 27th at 8am

Click Here for Presentation

SAHRMA Presents: Coffee Talk "Navigating the New Normal Tips and Tricks" September 29 at 8 am

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