Professional Development Director

Position Summary :

The Professional Development Director shall serve as Chairman of the Programs Committee and is primarily concerned with the selecting of subject material for discussions at general membership meetings and for providing speakers; make all arrangements for regular and special meetings of the Association, including such matters as engaging the place of the meetings and ordering the meal when necessary.

Responsibilities :

  • Assisting in making contractual agreements with the meeting location for the general membership meetings or for seminars and workshops.
  • Preparing a budget for speaker fees, workshops, or seminars, honorariums, and travel arrangements.
  • Obtaining sponsors for the monthly meetings in accordance with the Sponsorship Guidelines, and making arrangements to obtain needed artwork for the Update and website.
  • Conducting a membership survey to ascertain what type of programs and seminars to provide throughout the year.
  • Obtaining at least 1 SHRM representative as a monthly program speaker.
  • Establishing a meeting program schedule for the year as well as any seminars or workshops and updating the website with the most current information of upcoming events.
  • Confirming the speaker for the general meetings while ensuring travel arrangements, honorariums or speaker gifts and all required equipment/supplies needed for the presentation, i.e. projector, microphones, handouts, etc.
  • Submitting monthly article, bio and photo for the Update, in a timely manner, to publicize the upcoming program.
  • Working with meeting location to select meal (if applicable), confirm table arrangements and ensure special requirements for both the speaker and the sponsor.
  • Meeting the guest speaker at the door, providing nametag, and introductions to SAHRMA officers and members.
  • Ensuring the speaker table is seated to capacity.
  • Ensuring that the following month’s meeting topic is introduced to members.
  • Ensure an on line evaluation is provided to attendees after each meeting or seminar.
  • Participating in the quarterly new member mixers.
  • Establishing a committee of at least 2 members.