President Elect

Position Summary :

The job of the President Elect is to perform the duties of the President during the President's absence or temporary disability. This position also serves as a training ground for the President Elect to gain a thorough understanding of the Association in preparation for his/her year as President.

Responsible To :

The members of the chapter
The chapter president

Responsibilities :

  • Filling in for the President as necessary.
  • Maintaining current SAHRMA Board job descriptions.
  • Review and approve submitted job postings for the on-line job bank.
  • Soliciting and appropriately utilizing from SAHRMA senior members in order to gain strategic direction for the Association.
  • Preparing for the presidency by gaining a thorough understanding of the Association, Board positions and their roles, Association financial activity and SHRM relationship.
  • Coordinating the annual transition dinner and transition workshop and any other gathering which will help prepare his/her Board for the following year.
  • Participating in the quarterly new member mixers.
  • Attending all State Council meetings as a non-voting participant to understand SAHRMA’s role at the state level.
  • Writing one “Message from the President” article each year in place; usually for the June issue of the newsletter.
  • Acting as “Ambassador” for the HRSW Conference each year, encouraging SAHRMA members to attend.
  • Sending current mailing addresses, each January and as needed throughout the year, to the database administrator of other chapter presidents and state council members who receive the SAHRMA Update.
  • Leading or assisting in special projects as requested by the President.