The job of the SAHRMA President is to serve as the Chairman of the Executive Board and to perform all duties incidental to that office, including but not limited to, conducting the business affairs of the Association, in accordance with the SAHRMA Constitution and Bylaws. In addition, the President shall act as the official SAHRMA representative relative to the general public and/or outside recognized organizations (ie.
SHRM, AMA, etc.).

The President is responsible for:

  • Providing overall leadership to the Association by establishing a time, place and agenda for the monthly Board meetings.
  • Ensuring that the official business of the Association is conducted in an appropriate, efficient, effective, and legal manner.
  • Preparing an agenda for all board and general membership meetings and ensuring that official business is conducted in accordance with appropriate regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Ensuring that SAHRMA business is conducted/reported within SHRM guidelines and chapter affiliation requirements are maintained.
  • Writing and submitting the "Message from the President" articles for the Update.
  • Serving on the SHRM Texas State Council and attending State Council board meetings.
  • Serving as the Area IV liaison between SHRM and SAHRMA.
  • Coordinating the Past President's Breakfast meeting.
  • Coordinating the Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.
  • Publishing the Boards' goals and objectives by the end of the first quarter.
  • Coordinating the installation of officers for the December meeting.
  • Preparing and submitting the SHRM Chapter Activity Plan.
  • Holding the SAHRMA Merit Award Plaque.
  • Coordinating the nominating committee for the election of officers.
  • Retrieving and answering messages from the President's voice mail telephone line.
  • Participating in the quarterly new member mixers.