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Chapter history

SAHRMA is proud of being recognized as a SHRM Superior Merit or Merit Award Chapter since 1979 for its achievements and contributions.

Key Events in Chapter's History
- Founded as the San Antonio Personnel Management Association (SAPMA)
- SAPMA became affiliated with the Society for Human Resources Management (formerly ASPA)
- First Superior Merit Award received
- Hosted the National ASPA (SHRM) Conference
- SAHRMA sponsored the first HRCI Review Course for the PHR/SPHR Exam
- Past President Irene Florida SPHR became the first female Chair of ASPA (SHRM)
- SAHRMA member Dr. Stephen Werling, SPHR, wins the first Texas HR "Educator of the year" award
- Hosted the State Legislative Conference
- San Antonio Mayor Howard Peak proclaimed October 9th as "SAHRMA Day" in celebration of the 40th anniversary
- The first Irene Florida SPHR HRCI Scholarships announced
- Announced the first Member to Remember award
- UTSA Students placed 2nd at the National HR Games.
- Dr. Stephen Werling, SPHR is named "Educator of the Year" at the HR Southwest Conference, making him the only two time award recipient
- SAHRMA member and Past President, Ommy Strauch SPHR serves as Chair of SHRM
- SAHRMA recognizes Ommy Strauch SPHR with Lifetime Membership status and Member to Remember award
- SAHRMA hosted the first "HR for Business Symposium"
- Dr. Mark Lengnick-Hall is named “Educator of the Year” at the HR Southwest Conference 
- UTSA placed 1st in State and 2nd in Regional HR Games
- Established a Diversity Committee & Chairperson to advise the SAHRMA Board
- Established a Workforce Readiness Committee to advise the SAHRMA Board
- Sylvia M. Adame from Our Lady of Lake SHRM Student Chapter was the winner of the Jim Wilkins Excellence in Education Scholarship
- UTSA hosted the 2nd Texas HR Games and Leadership Conference
- SAHRMA hosted 2nd Symposium, "South Texas HR Symposium"
- UTSA SHRM Student Chapter members won 2nd place in the US Dept of State National Case Competition
- Our Lady of the Lake hosted the 3rd Texas HR Games and Leadership Conference
- SAHRMA member and Past President, Peggy Moore-Ramirez serves on Texas State Council as District Director
- Hosted the Texas State Council Strategic Planning Session
- Developed and rolled out a program to enhance member services called “Membership Just Got Better”
- Diversity Toolkit developed and placed on SAHRMA website for the membership
- UTSA Students placed 1st in State and 2nd in Regional HR Games

SHRM Pinnacle Award 

2011 SAHRMA received it's first SHRM Pinnacle Award in it's 51 year history! SAHRMA was awarded the Pinnacle for it's Workforce Initiative - Overcoming Homelessness through Employment Readiness.

In 2015, SAHRMA had the prestigious honor of again receiving the much desired Pinnacle Award from SHRM.  Our 2015 Pinnacle Award focused on our efforts with the Transitioning Warrior Workshops alongside CMA.  As human resource professionals, we worked to create a program that would match employers with qualified veterans and thereby strengthen and serve our community. 

Founding Members
Stuart Bergman
Mary Frances Boothe
Doyle Cannon
Jack Donahue
Leo Donahue
Gail Eldridge
Paul Flowers
Emzy Garrett
William Holstein
David Jones
F. A. Laskowski
Clyde McCullough
Frank Manupelli
Reavus Mays
William Pugh
Vernon Shade
Felix Taap
Richard Thiesen
Jean Moye Williams
Teddy Wood

Former Presidents

1959 - Gail Eldridge
1960 - Reavus Mays
1961 - Stuart Bergman
1962 - Vernon Shade
1963 - Emzy Garrett
1964 - Felix Tapp
1965 - Anthony Wehbe
1966 - Malcolm Judson
1967 - Johnny Gavlick
1968 - Frank Haegelin
1969 - John Dieterle
1970 - Charles Umscheid
1971 - Jack Costello SPHR
1972 - Irene Florida SPHR
1973 - Guy Seay
1974 - Arthur Edgarian/Charles Umscheid
1975 - Jack Pratt/Jean Sahm
1976 - Charles Smith
1977 - Roger Clark
1978 - Claudia Hunt*
1979 - Rose Mary Droke*
1980 - Harry Hentschel
1981 - Chalmers Gable
1982 - Ruben Garcia
1983 - Susan Kirk-Ramirez 
1984 - Lee Wingert SPHR
1985 - Pat Cusick
1986 - Jim Trevino SPHR
1987 - Brenda Beckham
1988 - Adrian Guardia SPHR
1989 - Michael R. Moore


1990 - John F. Barnes SPHR
1991 - Jan Mears
1992 - Steve Varga SPHR
1993 - Ommy Strauch SPHR
1994 - Mark Codd SPHR
1995 - Vikki Like SPHR
1996 - Brian Lyttle SPHR
1997 - Jean Boggs PHR
1998 - Rosie De Llano PHR
1999 - Denise Alvarado PHR
2000 - Diana Briseno PHR
2001 - Rebecca James PHR
2002 - Peggy Moore-Ramirez PHR
2003 - Cecilia Bronaugh PHR
2004 - Shanna Garcia
2005 - Jennifer Rower, PHR, PI
2006 - Mary Jean Hernandez, PHR
2007 - Otis "Scotty" Scott, Jr 
2008 - Irene Harrington, SPHR
2009 - Dana Martin, SPHR/Jennifer S. Swisher, SPHR
2010 - Jennifer S. Swisher, SPHR
2011 - Niki Raney, SPHR
2012 - Carlos Escobar, SPHR
2013 - Jeff Freitag
2014 - Barbara Jackson, PHR
2015 -  Rhonda Michel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

2016 - Melanie L. Sinai, SHRM-SCP

2017 Barbara Bentley SPHR,  SHRM-SCP


Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to each member who has faithfully served the Human Resource Management profession and enters into a retired status or who has performed truly outstanding service for the Association.

Stuart Bergman
Jack Costello SPHR
Nina Crawley
Gail Eldridge
Irene Florida SPHR
Emzy Garrett
Frank D. Haegelin
Diana Briseno PHR
Reavus Mays
Jean Sahm
Vernon Shade
Sara Sherblom SPHR
Ommy Strauch SPHR
Charles Umscheid*
Jean Moye Williams
Margaret "Peg" Callahan, SPHR
Josie Dickerson
Susan Mustacchio

Member to Remember Award

First implemented in 2000, the Member to Remember award recipients are nominated by their fellow SAHRMA members in recognition of their important contributions to the Association, the Human Resources profession and/or the Community.

2000 - John Heller
2001 - Cecilia Bronaugh PHR
2002 - Laura O'Donnell
2003 - Ommy Strauch SPHR
2004 - Lee Wingert, SPHR
2005 - Sheema Harris, CTS, CPC 
2006 - Irene Harrington, SPHR
2007 - Jennifer Rower, SPHR
2008 - Larry Hobbs, SPHR
2009 - Chris Scherer
2010 - Beatrice Abercrombie
2013 - Tony Bruns
2013 - Dr. Stephen Werling - Special Member to Remember
2014 Otis Scott Jr.

2015 Adrian Guardia

2016 Mary Jean Hernandez

2017 Josefina Martinez SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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