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About Us

The San Antonio Human Resource Management Association (SAHRMA) is a non-profit professional organization comprised of more than 600 members dedicated to the advancement of human resource management. Founded in 1959, SAHRMA was originally called the San Antonio Personnel Management Association (SAPMA) and consisted of approximately 25 members.

In 1959, the founding members established the association as a means to provide personnel and industrial relations professionals in the community a forum to exchange ideas, discuss problems common to personnel administration, promote professional relationships, and encourage and facilitate the operating effectiveness of personnel administrators of the San Antonio area.

Today, SAHRMA's mission is To Elevate our HR community by promoting professional development and personal growth through education, networking and volunteerism.

SAHRMA is proud of being recognized as a SHRM Superior Merit or Merit Award Chapter since 1979 for its achievements and contributions. The chapter continues to build upon its legacy by meeting members’ needs and carrying out the SAHRMA mission through the use of technology and innovative ideas. 

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