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 Irene Florida HRCI Scholarship Program

The HR Certification Chair Committee is now accepting applications for the Irene Florida HRCI Scholarship Program. This scholarship program was developed and implemented in the Fall of 1998 as a means of providing eligible SAHRMA members the opportunity to take an HRCI review course and/or sit for the official HRCI examination.

Two (2) Scholarships will be awarded in the Spring and in the Fall of 2014. In order to be eligible, primary requirements include being a SAHRMA member during the last 12 consecutive months and meeting test eligibility requirements per guidelines and standards established by HRCI. Additionally, members seeking recertification are also eligible for the Scholarship.

Each Scholarship is valued up to $600.00. Scholarships may be used toward any PHR, SPHR or GPHR review course that is offered for the official HRCI examination and/or for the official HRCI examination. Scholarship winners will be reimbursed for the actual costs of the review course and/or exam, up to a maximum of $600.00. Proof of expenses must be submitted.

The application form can be completed on-line. Additionally,  a resume must be submitted before your application will be considered. E-Mail your resume to Emily Dauphin,

Irene Florida HRCI Scholarship Application 

 HRCI Exam

Exam dates: May 1 - June 30
Deadline:Jan. 22 - Mar. 22

Exam dates:

Dec. 1 - Jan. 31

Deadline:July 15 - Oct 4
Exam dates: May 1 - June 30
Deadline:Jan. 22 - Mar. 22
Exam dates: Dec. 1 - Jan. 31
Deadline:July 15 - Oct 4

Contact HRCI at or call 1-800-283-7476 for Benefits of Certification, Eligibility Requirements, Apply for Certification Deadline.

Price                                        PHR                                                SPHR                           GPHR

                                                $400  USD                                     $525 USD                      $525 USD

Association Member Pricing  $325 USD                                       $475 USD                      $475 USD
All prices include a US $75 Nonrefundable application fee.
Remember: in order to take the HRCI exam, you must register with HRCI to do so. The SAHRMA sponsored review course is merely an option to prepare for the exam. SAHRMA does not automatically register you for the HRCI exam.

Do you have a question about HR Certification, Testing, or Recertification?
Contact : or Virtual Recertification Tour Goto :, Which are links to the HR Certification Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. Locally you may contact :

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